Liverpool 2 Sunderland 0

Whew. 3 points on the board. Job done.

Thank goodness for Origi. It’s just about time he stepped up. He will be needed in the upcoming month of December, where the games will be coming thick and fast.

Let’s all hope that Coutinho won’t be out for too long, but it doesn’t look good though. Which highlights the importance of Lallana even more. Need him back earlier than ever, as we don’t have much creativity up front.

Grujic will definitely get his chances, especially if Sturridge stays injured. Getting tired of him being injured just when we need him the most.

There wasn’t any particular player that stands out from the match to be honest, but if I had to give it to one, it would be either Origi for his goal or either one of the two centre-backs.

It was also nice to see young Ben Woodburn getting his debut too, especially at Anfield, and it’s always good to see super-subs. Origi was one, with a point to prove, and he delivered.

I thought Karius did well today, there were a couple of half chances which Sunderland had and he did just enough to smoother them. And I would like to believe those rushes out from his goal-line were spot on. Can see him improving, and so does his confidence.

Kloop also deserves some praise for getting the crowd going in the 2nd half, I thought it actually spurred the players on a little, which some might argue it led to Origi’s goal.

Milner also deserves a mention too, cold as a cucumber from the penalty spot. What’s new anyway? What a model professional he is. Could easily be one of the best free signings we had.

We might need to get a creative No.10 to open up games like these in January though, but that’s if Grujic doesn’t deliver. I’m sure he’ll add some goals and hopefully assists from midfield, I rate him very highly. Can’t wait to see him on the pitch. Ejarie may be our answer, who knows?


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