Liverpool 6 Watford 1

Who expected that, you tell me?

Wow. Liverpool just keep improving, and just keep conceding.

The front 4 was wow, at times I pity Watford defenders for not knowing who to mark, who to close down. Could have double digit scoreline to be honest, if you considered the fact that even Sturridge could have had a hat-trick coming off the bench on the 70th minute mark.

There was a debut goal for Wijnaldum as well, and it has been long coming. The debate between whether Can or Wijnaldum should start will continue, especially with both providing different kind of options.

How I wished Liverpool isn’t top of the the league now, it would be so much better come end of the season. As fans, we can only dream. And there’s a chance Gerrard might be heading back to Liverpool, who knows, he might be the one lifting the EPL trophy next year?

I will leave you with that thought. Peace out, boys.


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