Crystal Palace 2 Liverpool 4

Defence, defence, defence.

How frustrating to watch our non-existence defending. Karius still lacks decision making, nervous, and time is running out for him.I thought against teams who loves playing crosses, Mignolet might have been a better choice.

Moreno. Just by mentioning his name, it pisses me off. Why does he loves to stand off wingers/fullbacks who are ready to whip in a cross? Is it so difficult to close down and block the cross from coming in?

Even before the goal was conceded, Palace already had an opportunity to whip in a cross in which Moreno chose to stand off the provider. Yet, he never ever learns his lesson. Had Carragher been still around, he would have screamed at him on the spot. How I wished we have a vocal player to act as a coach on the pitch.

Sometimes I really wonder if Kloop and his team practise defending crosses and set-pieces at Melwood. Time and again, it has proven that whoever that is coaching them defending, isn’t doing a good job.

Attacking wise, it was easy on the eye, and probably the best performance put in under Kloop. It’s a pity we only put 4 goals past them. And Kloop’s introduction of Origi over Sturridge says the team always comes first. And Sturridge knows it, despite of his lethal left foot, has to change before it’s too late. Ings, with his workmanlike attitude, will sooner or later replace him if he doesn’t adapt and be more of a team player.



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