Liverpool 2 Tottenham 1

Different team, same result.

With a virtually 2nd team, Liverpool won, and progress into the quarter-finals of the EFL cup.

The likes of TAA, Stewart and Gurjic impressed, while Sturridge’s goals gave Kloop a headache on who to start at the weekend against Crystal Palace.

It was good to see Ings back in action against, and he almost scored a goal coming off the bench. I am quite sure Kloop will play roughly the same team in cup games, saving the core to challenge for the EPL.

Trend Alexandra Arnold. Remember the name, because he’s going to be dominating our right back slot for the next 10 years. Fearlessly playing without the fear for the occasion, he was up and down the right flank throughout, and only a ‘debut challenge’ costed him a yellow card. Jon Flannagan might find it hard now.

Kevin Stewart – it is easy to watch him play nowadays. He has come heaps and bounds to become the player he is today. Tactical awareness, he’s right up there, with strong tackles and forward passes. Lucas finally has a more than capable replacement.

Grujic – crunching challenges when needed, eye for the goal (which will improve much more under Stevie G once he’s back coaching I hope), box-to-box playing style. I can certainly imagine the trio of Stewart, Can and Grujic playing in our midfield soon enough. Who knows, they may come close to replicating the Mashcerano, Alonso, Gerrard trio.

Defence, as usual, still needs work to be done, and it is good news to see Joe Gomez back in training, although it might take months before he’s match fit. Let’s not rush him back though.

Mignolet is a more than capable No.2 I would say, and it definitely looks like our bench is strong enough right now, because there will be some who are gonna get pissed just by not making the bench!

Let’s get Benteke’s Crystal Palace on Saturday.



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