Liverpool vs West Bromwich

The only good thing I know having LFC playing on a Monday night is that the week feels faster than expected.

Saturday, we will be taking on Tony Pulis side (tell me why why why), who defended their lives against Spurs to secure a point.

It would definitely be a new test, one in which we have to pass, to secure all 3 points, to challenge for the EPL title, or let’s just say top-4.

Another team who defends deep, and an early goal would change the game for us. However, it is important to be patient to find the right pass at the right moment if we want the 3 points.

I do hope Origi gets to start, his hold up play and running the channels would be essential to help bring midfielders into play, as well as create space for others to run into. Not to mention he has the pace and skills to test centre-backs one-on-one.

Lallana and Wijnaldum returning into midfield will boast our chances, as both of them loves getting forward. It might just be Wijnaldum’s time to get a goal, if he gets to play with a little more freedom in the final third, as his ability to ghost into the box late during an attack to take a shot is crucial.

Moreno’s return (although no confirmed) to replace Milner at left-back might also be a good time as well. Him staying out wide to pump in some crosses can be a useful outlet.

It should be a winnable match, that is for sure.


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