Are we title contenders?

Just a few games into the season, we are second favourites to win the EPL.

Granted, the football we played, when in full force, is devastating, and few teams can cope with that. Perhaps, just perhaps, some are too quick to judge.

I expect Man United and Chelsea to put on tougher fights come second half of the season, as it will take some time for their new managers to adapt, just like Kloop in the beginning when he took over.

What about Spurs and Arsenal? Spurs have been quietly climbing up, maybe not as proficient as they were with Harry Kane but I would say they will thrive with the spotlight often on the ‘more-acclaimed’ managers, while Arsenal are decent as always, despite losing to us.

So where do we really stand at the moment?

I think currently, Manchester City are title favourites, followed by Arsenal (yes I mean it), then maybe throw us in the mix together with Spurs, Man U, and Chelsea.

I would say as fans we can dream, and we will, but it would be a much tougher fight as the season progress along, thus it is vital we can take as much points as we can right now, while the other contenders find their way and consistency.

But one thing’s for sure, we’ll take one game at a time.


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