Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

3 point on the way back to Liverpool. Job done.

If only we can sustain the energy for 90 minutes.

The 1st half was perfect, harassing and pressing, which, to be honest, we are getting used to seeing it. 2nd half, Kloop decides to sit deep and absorb the pressure, and thankfully, we survived.

I thought that the first goal showed a bit of work from Melwood working on set pieces, with Coutinho swinging in a deep cross from the left after a free kick to the far post, where there were 3 or 4 red shirts.

Thankfully, Sturridge, who was in an offside position, didn’t touch the ball, with Lovren blasting in into the top corner of the net with a solid touch. Great goal.

Second goal, what a hit by Henderson. Picked up a ball at the edge of the area, one look, and bamm, goal. That was class.

Generally, I thought he’s improving and learning well in the deep midfield role, he seems to know where to be to pick up loose balls around the pitch, although he still has to work on tracking midfield running when defending.

For the first time this season, Mane was relatively quiet in the match, marked well by the right footed Spanish full back.

Sturridge was poor in my opinion, didn’t do much with build up play and doesn’t offer a focal point at the front. Origi, when he came on, was poor as well, though I have to say he didn’t get much service with us dropping all 10 players in our own half, leaving him isolated. Could press much more though.

Milner struggled with William on the flank, and thankfully didn’t give away a penalty when he was nutmegged by Ivanovic, while Matip and Lovren being solid. The former has had a decent start, and hopefully can build up a good partnership with Lovren.

All in all, good 3 points away from home, and now back to Melwood for more work before Tuesday’s game against Derby in the EFL cup.

Expect Kloop to make changes though. The likes of Grujic (I need to see him playing!), Klavan, Lucas, along with young lads from the Academy will get their chances to play.


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