Burnley vs Liverpool

Tired of waiting for the weekends. 6 or 7 days before Liverpool is playing again.

What to expect then?

Of course, the main issue now is, who starts at left-back.

After Moreno’s horrendous performance against Arsenal, it is quite certain that Kloop will start Milner, if he’s deemed fit for the match.

I honestly think Kloop isn’t the man to blame for our left-back woes. He’s tried going for Hector and Chiwell, only to be demanded by their clubs to bid for higher price. I think this is because of FSG’s policy of keeping our net spending low, which is why Kloop is trying his best to get rid of deadwood at the club, including Beneteke, Balotelli and maybe even Markovic.

It is thought that he has to sell to raise funds to purchase a left-back, but now with Hector signing a new contract, and Leicester demanding 20million for a young unproven English Ben Chiwell, I highly doubt Kloop can find another decent one out in the market. We shall see though.

Of course, the biggest news is that Mane had a shoulder injury, which is likely to keep him out Burnley’s clash. It would be interesting to see who Kloop choose to replace him though, he can either put Lallana up on the right flank with Can/Hendo and Wijnaldum in CM, or put Wijnaldum on right flank.

I fancy him to start with Firmino up front again, but wouldn’t be surprised if Origi started to hold up play and run the channels more often, which would be a good option to have against a side that’s typically going to sit deep on their own path.

That would allow the likes of Coutinho Lallana and Wijnaldum to have more space in the final third to cause havoc.

This is the kind of matches that we ought to win to challenge for top-4, against ‘beatable’ teams, but it would definitely take some magic to unlock defences like this.

An early goal would definitely open the game up for us.

Predicted starting line-up: Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Klavan, Milner, Can, Henderson, Coutinho, Lallana, Wijnaldum, Origi.

Share your thoughts with me below. Cheers!


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